Japanese delegation from DMG MORI visiting

The long-standing partnership with the DMG MORI Group has now completed another highlight. In five groups, a Japanese delegation of the customer with a total of 230 employees was informed about the high level of quality and efficient material flow in the modern plant of the BMF Group at the headquarters in Büren, Westphalia.

From November 2018 to March 2019, DMG MORI announced its long-standing employees from Japan the opportunity to visit Germany and Europe. Besides getting to know of the company's own plants was the inspection of production facilities of selected top suppliers on the visit programme of the Japanese Delegation.

During their visit to Büren the executives from Japan received interesting insights particularly into production and the operational processes of the BMF Group. An interpreter into Japanese ensured a smooth communication in English and German language. Thus it came to an interesting exchange of experience between partly quite different corporate cultures. During their tour through the production facilities the Japanese employees of the DMG MORI Group enthusiastic about the impressive surroundings, the perfect organization of the operational processes in Büren and the partnership-based cooperation between the two companies.

Volkswagen Group Award 2017 for BMF

Outstanding award for Bürener Maschinenfabrik GmbH (BMF): The technology company with the business units Material Handling, Coolant Lubrication Systems, Components and Plastics Processing, which employs about 850 people at its headquarters in Büren and other locations, has now received the "Volkswagen Group Award" for the second time since 2003. , With this award, the Volkswagen Group, which includes all twelve car brands, awarded its best suppliers in Berlin. Matthias Müller, CEO of Volkswagen Aktiengesellschaft, and Dr. Ing. Francisco Javier Garcia Sanz, Group Director for the Procurement Division, presented the coveted awards to the top suppliers of the Group to some 270 guests from 25 countries. CEO Müller made clear in his speech: "We have to develop together and keep improving. The pressure and the possibilities were never as big as today ". For the 15th time already, the Volkswagen Group honored its best suppliers, who impressed with their innovative strength, product quality, development expertise, sustainability and professional project management. Tim Steinbrecher, who accepted the award as shareholder and managing director of the BMF Group, emphasized: "We are very pleased about the renewed award by the Volkswagen Group. We regard this award as recognition for the achievements of our employees, but also as an incentive for further peak performance in the future. Like all customers of the BMF Group, with whom we usually work together for many years, the Volkswagen Group can rely on our product quality, innovation momentum and reliability! ".

Now industrial water treatment

Through the acquisition of HAASE Energy GmbH, located in Neumünster and now renamed BMF HAASE GmbH, the BMF has achieved a significant expansion of its range of Services. The company from now on also provides industrial water treatment technology which is in strong demand particularly in manufacturing plants with a high level of water consumption. The BMF disposes of experts at the site in Schleswig-Holstein for ultra-and nanofiltration and reverse osmosis.

BMF HAASE can draw on decades of know-how in the monitoring and treatment of landfill leachate. The advanced technology is in use at over 100 locations worldwide. The plants are supplied as mobile container units or integrated into existing buildings. The expertise available lends itself excellently to application in industrial water treatment.

Reverse osmosis from BMF HAASE is a purely physical process particularly suitable for the treatment of highly contaminated water. This concentrating water treatment method is characterized by flexible operation, very high cleaning efficiency and low operating costs.

The integrated membrane technology (ultrafiltration and / or nanofiltration) from BMF HAASE reduces the container volume and increases the efficiency of the system.  The operation is based on the following principle: The higher the biological degradation rate and the larger the flow rates, the greater the economic efficiency of the biological system.