Now industrial water treatment

Through the acquisition of HAASE Energy GmbH, located in Neumünster and now renamed BMF HAASE GmbH, the BMF has achieved a significant expansion of its range of Services. The company from now on also provides industrial water treatment technology which is in strong demand particularly in manufacturing plants with a high level of water consumption. The BMF disposes of experts at the site in Schleswig-Holstein for ultra-and nanofiltration and reverse osmosis.

BMF HAASE can draw on decades of know-how in the monitoring and treatment of landfill leachate. The advanced technology is in use at over 100 locations worldwide. The plants are supplied as mobile container units or integrated into existing buildings. The expertise available lends itself excellently to application in industrial water treatment.

Reverse osmosis from BMF HAASE is a purely physical process particularly suitable for the treatment of highly contaminated water. This concentrating water treatment method is characterized by flexible operation, very high cleaning efficiency and low operating costs.

The integrated membrane technology (ultrafiltration and / or nanofiltration) from BMF HAASE reduces the container volume and increases the efficiency of the system.  The operation is based on the following principle: The higher the biological degradation rate and the larger the flow rates, the greater the economic efficiency of the biological system.