Two honing filter systems

The BMF built two honing filter systems for the production of crankcases at a customer in Austria. With these systems it is possible to treat a total of 4,100 l / min of soiled honing emulsion. In addition to the steel construction and the stages, the complete electrical control with plant visualization comes from a single source. The filter units have a pressure of 5 bar at the pressure distributor and are equipped with a temperature control in the range of 23.0 ° C to +/- 1 ° C. The vacuum filters have a filter area of ​​12 m² (capacity 2,500 l / min) and 7 m² (capacity 1,600 l / min). A backwash filter works as a police filter in the flow. The preparation of the backwash material is carried out with the aid of a paper band filter. In addition, both honing filter systems have a magnetic roller, which is used in full flow in the return for the deposition of magnetic particles. The bath care takes place with a separator for the separation of finest particles. Another feature of the two systems is frequency-controlled system pumps for energy saving. With this project, the BMF successfully continued the good cooperation with the customer.