Japanese delegation from DMG MORI visiting

The long-standing partnership with the DMG MORI Group has now completed another highlight. In five groups, a Japanese delegation of the customer with a total of 230 employees was informed about the high level of quality and efficient material flow in the modern plant of the BMF Group at the headquarters in Büren, Westphalia.

From November 2018 to March 2019, DMG MORI announced its long-standing employees from Japan the opportunity to visit Germany and Europe. Besides getting to know of the company's own plants was the inspection of production facilities of selected top suppliers on the visit programme of the Japanese Delegation.

During their visit to Büren the executives from Japan received interesting insights particularly into production and the operational processes of the BMF Group. An interpreter into Japanese ensured a smooth communication in English and German language. Thus it came to an interesting exchange of experience between partly quite different corporate cultures. During their tour through the production facilities the Japanese employees of the DMG MORI Group enthusiastic about the impressive surroundings, the perfect organization of the operational processes in Büren and the partnership-based cooperation between the two companies.