Component Construction
High variability despite standardization
Compact design, highest reliability and enormous flexibility

The BMF employs its extensive expertise

for customized adaptations and individual new developments.

Component construction at the BMF

Functional and visually appealing design as well as constant product development
From the first idea to the serial product
Modular, latest technology, future-oriented, scalable
Manufacturing and Assembling
Reliable quality and delivery reliability
Competent in-house and remote support
Range of services
Individual adaptation to the design of the machine tool

High variability despite standardization

Compact design, highest reliability and enormous flexibility

Our in-house expertise ensures short reaction times and the highest quality right from the start.

The highlights include:


New shredpacker to reduce and press aluminium and steel shavings
  • Reduction of volume down to a minimum
  • Recovery of cooling lubricant and prolonged standing time of wagon
  • More efficient, more environmentally sound and cleaner production

Compact filter systems

  • Modular, scalable design
  • Fast availability and short delivery times
  • Ideal also for the supply of manufacturing cells

Industry 4.0 package

Digital networking of production
  • Acquisition, provision and processing of machine data
  • Visualization of the process parameters
  • Recommendation for preventive maintenance
  • Minimization of downtime.
Compact Power
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