Follow-up order in the field of skid conveyor technology

Currently, a well-known customer in Northern Germany is going full steam ahead. As a follow-up to a large-volume plant, BMF received another order for skid conveyor technology. Both projects are scheduled for completion in the summer of 2021, so the orders will be processed in parallel. Good cooperation with the customer's team is an important factor here.

High-quality and reliable skid conveyor technology for the automotive industry is one of BMF's core competencies. At the customer, a production changeover with a view to electromobility leads to a corresponding demand that has to be processed with new equipment at short notice.

The second current order has the following technical data: 100 roller conveyors, 25 cross-link belt conveyors, around 40 lifting, swiveling and rotating tables and more than 850 skids. In total, this involves a volume of 450 t of steelwork and 4,000 square meters of protective underpinning.